Palladium. Naturally white. Incredibly light. Surprisingly affordable.

This naturally occurring, dazzling white metal is lighter, more durable, and more affordable than platinum. No wonder it's the hottest precious metal in jewelry design today.

From trend-setting celebrities to your friends and neighbors, palladium jewelry is making a splash as the luxurious, yet oh-so-affordable, accessory that fits their life style and their budget. Find a palladium jeweler today.

Palladium 101

Discovered in 1803, designers have been using palladium to make jewelry since 1939. Lighter than other precious metals, it is ideal for large, unique pieces that would be unwearable if created in heavier metals.
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I’m So Over Heavy Metal
Palladium Alliance International (aka PAI), the trade organization for palladium jewelry, has launched a multi-million dollar national media campaign promoting the virtues of jewelry made with dazzling palladium. Read More>

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